Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park – Chandler, AZ – Apr. 11-13

Those Guys Racing are happy to report another victory. TGR had their work cut out for them this weekend with a weather forecast predicting wind and hot weather conditions. We started off with test and tune on Friday first pass off the trailer was 9.15 on a 9.00 index. We returned the boat back to the pits to pull the data out of the Edelbrock quick data logger for crew chief Gary Breistig to study. With the data from the first round Gary was confident TGR would go back out and run on the index. Pass #2 yielded us a 9.06. We made two more runs that day with all of them being 00s. Saturday Q1 we ran a 10.00 as driver Garrett Breistig had to lift as the boat got out of shape due to a strong head wind. Q2 boat left the line on a great pass but at 1000 feet we had a catastrophic parts failure witch lead to a missed opportunity. When we  got the boat back to the pits we found the pop off was shot off of the jet drive. During the explosion of the pop off it put a hole in the back of the trophy wife. The team stayed cool put the boat back together with no time to spare. After all said and done we were back in the water within 45 minutes to make Q3. This was the first time TGR was faced with the reality that we might DNQ. TGR was down to our last shot and put up a strong run 9.02 to start Sunday from the two spot out of a 10 boat filed. Sunday race day TGR ran four laps to victory lane.

Garrett Breistig

Driver Those Guys Racing

ADBA Racing on the River – Parker, AZ – Feb 21-23

This was a tough race to get to…

We had purchased a new Dart Big M block for the Trophy Wife. This added deck height demanded new pushrods and lifters. We also freshened the motor with new rings, rod bolts, complete set of bearings and threw in a new Burleson Power and Performance custom camshaft while we were at it. Edelbrock Racing supplied TGR with a new E3 Titanium Nozzle Nitrous Kit including Victor Pro solenoids for the Trophy Wife. This was taken to B1Racing in Santa Ana, CA with our manifold for plumbing and installation. We had a total of 3 weeks before the race to get this all together, tested on the dyno and back in the boat…in our spare time.

We painted the block and got it over to Burleson Power and Performance for the build. Jimmy ‘Big Power” Burleson got the short block assembled in less than a week. During that time we found that were in need of new pushrods and lifters due to the new block. Those Guys Racing would like to thank Manton Pushrods for the day and a half build time. Without these pushrods, TGR would have had to take the crew chiefs motor from his deck boat to make the event. Gary wasn’t too excited about it but was willing to do it. Racing comes first.

With the motor built, we made a mayday call to Ray Field at Dougans Racing Engines in Riverside, CA. We needed to Dyno, and we needed it now. Needless to say, Ray came through for Those Guys once again. TGR is truly blessed to have Dougans Racing Engines in their corner. Thanks to Kyle and Jim for staying after hours and helping us get this done just in the nick of time.

We Dynoed the motor on Thursday February 13 at around 6pm. The motor was returned to TGR headquarters and was back in the Trophy Wife on Friday the 14th. Thanks to teammate Mike Munoz, coming through for the team and helping Gary with the install. Saturday morning Garrett and Gary started to perform a full systems test of the Trophy Wife and made some noise in the afternoon. At this time we remembered that we need a inlet water regulator so we don’t over pressurize this block. We made another mayday call to Marine Industries West. Owner, Bob Jeanblanc reassured us that we were in good hands and he would custom make one for pickup on Monday. Once the TW was back to life, attention was shifted to the race trailer which had not been touched since the Lucas Oil World Finals, November 2013. This project was very time consuming as we have a rolling shop that we bring to the track and did not want to leave any tools or parts behind. The outside of the trailer was washed on Sunday and it was back to our real jobs on Monday.

Monday afternoon we picked up the regulator from Marine Industries West in Anaheim, CA. TGR appreciates when vendors come through on timelines as we did not have a day to spare, this was a true ‘bolt on part’ just as Bob had promised. After installation, Those Guys Racing performed some tests of our new part. The water regulator worked flawlessly and we called it a night. Tuesday the 18th we loaded the boat in the race trailer once we finished our day jobs. On Wednesday, Gary and Greg, with the help of Wayne Perry Construction headed for the California/Arizona border where they met up with teammate Hugo ‘The Skinny’ McKinney. The TGR wolf pack stayed the night in Ehrinberg, AZ and took the program to the race track in Parker, AZ on Thursday. Pits were set up on Thursday and the boat was teched by ADBA officials.

  • Friday, February 21 – Test and Tune.

We always start our day with a team meeting and develop a plan. We wanted to make 4 runs throughout the day. Crew chief ordered that the first pass we were going N/A. We wanted to check that all systems were functioning safely and properly before turning on the chemical horsepower. First pass went as planned. We prepared for our second pass with the new Edelbrock Nitrous system and took her down the track. After that, we made 3 more passes trying to get closer to the number and a perfect pass.

  • Saturday, February 22 – Qualifying.

The ADBA informed us that we would have the option to run Test and Tune in the morning with 3 Qualifying sessions to follow. We ran one test and tune pass and then qualified with a 7.08 1000ft ET.

  • Sunday, February 23 – Race Day.

fork stick win r3Those Guys Racing started in the #5 spot out of a 15 boat field. First round, Adam Simmons in Modaka broke out with a 6.981. Garrett Breistig and the Trophy Wife split Modakas RT in half and Ran a 7.157. Round Two, Barb Kunkle in BarbWire red lit with -.186 reaction time giving Those guys Racing the win. Garrett did his part, he cut a .061 light and the boat ran a 7.053.

On to the Semi Finals. Jeff Conrad and Rehab with the help of crew chief Mike Finnegan put together a 7.090 pass to TGR’s 7.129. Garrett left with a .041 reaction time to Jeffs .152. This race was won on the hole shot. Off to the Finals!
Finals StickDoug Williams and Garrett Breistig left the line almost identically. Doug cut a .130 and Garrett a .148 RT. This was a drag race down to the wire. TGR, Garrett and the Trophy Wife won this race by .011. This is what drag racing is all about. Doug ran a 7.071 to Garrett’s 7.042.

Thanks to Wayne Perry Construction, Edelbrock Racing, Those Guys Racing, Express Biomedical, Marine Industries West, Dougans Racing Engines, Burleson Power and Performance as well as our team Gary and Nancy Breistig, Garrett and Kristi Breistig, Mike Munoz, Hugo Mckinney, Dathan and Stacey Calvert, Greg Nicholson, Mike Noble , Sandra Halstead, Jesse Halstead, Kyle Fieck and Flyin Blian Rosales.